Monday, August 6, 2007

Hatter and Doofus go to Matheran

A blog editor is a strange, strange thing. Given that it is nearly 3 in the morning, and that I'm hoping to turn severely delusional, it's absurdly annoying and satisfying how the "Save Now" link expands with the stroke of a key, and continues to do so. Who thought of this? With each autosave, the blue turns to grey. It's mental. Well, anyway, the point of this is that I'm addicted to my Vicks Inhaler. I have it stuck up my left nostril as I type; it's a beautiful thing to be able to breathe and type at the same time.

As I look for the fundamental cause of my sleeplessness, I'm faced with several options: (a) it's the mosquitoes; (b) it's the cold; (c) it's me. I can't help but go with (c). Guess what! I don't want to sleep! I want to be awake throughout the night just so I'd be able to complain about it in the morning! I want to be awake because, once asleep, I may not wake up (for class).

There, the "Save Now" link is expanding again. Am I seeing things? I think it's the inhaler. The inhaler's gotta go.


I suddenly realized that I completely forgot to put up the Matheran pictures! Haw, matlab...a friend from school (for the sake of simplicity and anonymity, we shall call him Doofus) and I took a trip all the way to Matheran, a tiny village/resort thing tucked away in the Western Ghats. The journey was fun, more fun than Matheran itself. We took a bus from Pune to Khopoli, then a bus to Narel, then a train to Karjat, and finally a taxi to Matheran. Gawd, this sounds like a brochure. I'm sorry, I cannot travel-write to save me life.

Note that these are cellular phone pictures that haven't been tampered with ... do excuse the quality. Also note that we haven't reached Matheran yet. I've decided to take this slowly, as went our trip. The first image is of the J.M. Road - Ghole Road crossing, very early in the morning, taken from our bus. As you can see, Pune's quite pixelated, quite the Gaussian blur guinea pig.

The second peep-shot was taken at the Shivajinagar bus terminal (we're still in Pune, by the way). At this point, Dooofus and I were contemplating getting off the ST bus, and trying to catch a Volvo instead. But since we're lazy, indecisive fools...we never really got off. Well, Doofus got off, but he might have had to pee. He pretended to get some fresh air... :)

So now we're at document iconique 3, and we've progressed fairly: We're still at the Shivajinagar bus-terminal, and Doofus has run out of that precious yellow liquid (;p); I, on the contrary, continue to take idiotic black-n-white images of nothing in particular, my bladder full and bursting. Sigh. These trips, I tell thee...

Finally, we're at Khopoli or "one-of-those-other-town-types", I really can't remember which. This photograph marks the onset of a relationship: Doofus, Abandonment and I. Note how the, er, building is called "Abandoned No. 1". Quite the Govinda fan, eh? This shall become relevant much later, though, as I shall introduce you to at least one more dyslexic aluminium structure...

That's it for now. I wouldn't want to ruin the journey for you. Me and my fantashtic Nokia phone-with-camera-that-makes-things-look-pretty shall be back. And Doofus consents too. I mean, he hasn't really consented, but what with his MA and all, I'm sure he's utterly jobless.

Alas!! By golly miss Molly!! How very absurd!! It is indeed 3.40 am. I must not sleep, I must not sleep, I msut nt slepe, i m't t lep...*dull thud*.


Anonymous said...

Bitch. I was out geting food while you sitting in that bus contenmplating whether or not to pee. Gawd you don't pay attention to what i say. And what's "This photograph marks the onset of a relationship: Doofus, Abandonment and I." supposed to mean?

" I must not sleep, I must not sleep, I msut nt slepe, i m't t lep...*dull thud*" - We are quite dramatic at 3 40 in the morning aren't we?

Anyway, no matter how unacurate the account might be I still look forward to the future posts (which I have a nasty feeling won't ever come and if so you better mail me the pics. I completely forgot about them.


Amiya said...

I thought the post would be about Matheran but all I got was insomnia, inhaler and in-transit bladder details. Then I check back the title of the post and notice that it says "H & D GO to Matheran" so obviously it's all about the going and nothing about the reaching or the sightseeing at all. Clever title. Good job.

So when, er, do we read about Matheran the place? I went there a while back by the way, absolutely loved it. Fantastic sights. And lovely walking-through-mists. Sigh.

life_as_a_box said...

Doofus & Amiya: Do allow a sleepy man his folly!

Doofus: The inaccuracy was on purpose of course. Where's the fun in it if I don't bend the facts a wee bit? ;p And don't worry, I'll keep the pictures coming..."Doofus". Muhahahaha.

Amiya: Thanks a lot for reading!! Rather, "bearing" with me! ;p...I decided to blog about Matheran a little too suddenly, so I didn't really have time to organise my thoughts. Anyway, I had enjoyed the journey a lot more than Matheran itself...And I WILL get to Matheran eventually!! ;p

Sadhu-bhai says "thenku fawr the rheadings". :)

Kama said...

was thinking of saying, mebbe u should have a cold, stick a vicks inhaler in ur nostril, and try not to sleep at 3am more often... coz i thought that was the element that triggered ur humour, but then i realise u do have that thing with words that makes wot u write funny... and enjoyable to read... i have a cold as well, makes it bearable :D

life_as_a_box said...

Kama: I'm glad I can alleviate someone's misery with my writing!! ;p...And thanks a ton for the lovely words; I really appreciate it.

Get well soon! :)

bleflet said...

I liked the pictures actually... Brain-dead at first thought (maybe thats coz u were taking them hehe), then *wham*, yeah it goes with the text. N then there's the one which looks like a 30's slr shot, effulgent in one word. Do you always notice diminutive details? Not that its a bad thing!

life_as_a_box said...

Bleflet: You must, of course, be just as brain-dead to actually like the pictures. ;p.. And details usually tend to skip me by, owing to excessive spacing out.

But thanks for reading! :) Take the cares.